About us

About us Rimborsovoli.it – A team of professionals qualified and reviewed by satisfied users. In fifteen years of free legal assistance, we have obtained reimbursements and compensation for all types of inconvenience caused by airlines, regarding both flights and ground services.

Since 2005, rimborsovoli.it has been taking care of the protection of passengers by offering an easy and fast on-line service, able to guarantee to those who fly what is due in the event of problems or disruptions in transport.

Our online service is the result of the intuition of Michele Tarquinio, a lawyer who has focused his studies on consumer law and protection since he was in college.

Rimborsovoli.it is now a professional company that operates throughout the national territory and beyond.

About us | An idea emerged at the airport

The project stems from a personal misadventure of the founder who, during a trip, saw his flight canceled after a grueling wait at the airport, without receiving any assistance from the airline.

The lawyer did not arrive at his destination in time and only made a new flight the next day, but that wait at the gate was the beginning of a bigger fortune.

Moved by the intention to be compensated, the lawyer took the opportunity to study the European legislation on air transport and sensed its wide potential in favor of passengers, as well as the possibility of bringing back the costs of legal assistance only on the defaulting airlines.

The rest is an exciting story of growth and development thanks to the significant increase in air traffic and the need of the passengers, more and more often victims of inconvenience, to receive legal assistance for compensation and reimbursement.

Thanks to the support of other lawyers specialized in air transport law, who have joined the team in the meantime, rimborsovoli.it is today the first free Italian portal for the legal protection of passengers. Both for the number of cases treated and resolved and for the quality and effectiveness of its service.

About us – Your rights fly with us

The success of rimborsovoli.it, which made the defense of passengers’ rights its mission, is evidenced by the reviews of all our users, none of whom have ever paid the costs of our assistance. Corporate profits, in fact, derive exclusively from the legal expenses obtained from the airlines.

Thanks to that initial intuition and the skills acquired with experience, rimborsovoli.it, with its team of qualified and experienced professionals, is now able to obtain from the airlines reimbursements and compensation due to passengers, always free of charge and punctual.

Flight cancellation, flight delay, missed connection, denied boarding and problems with luggage are certainly the most frequent cases of inconvenience. But our legal staff is ready to intervene in all situations in which passengers have rights to claim.

About us – The no-cost refund formula

The effectiveness of our intervention is guaranteed by the experience of professionals, specialized in aviation, who assist you and represent you in the reimbursement procedure without costs for the user or withheld percentages, even in the event of litigation. Our fees come only from the legal fees paid by the airlines.

Always in defense of those who fly, the team guarantees a totally free service, combined with professionalism, reliability and kindness.
Do not give up your rights, entrust them to us!