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We are experts in cases of reimbursements due by airlines to people with disabilities and reduced mobility, to whom flight accessibility and many ground services must be guaranteed. In addition, we assist you in cases of downgrading and other inconveniences.

Undoubtedly the most frequent inconveniences for passengers are attributable to flight cancellations, flight delays and inconveniences associated with the transport of luggage.
However, there are other travel inconveniences for which passengers can be compensated by airlines.
In particular, the legal staff of rimborsovoli.it has identified the following cases in which it is able to intervene in defense of those who fly, claiming and obtaining the compensation due.

Accommodation in a lower cabin class than the one provided in the booking (Downgrading)

European air transport legislation states that when an air passenger is seated in a cabin class lower than that foreseen in the booking, he/she is entitled to a pre-established refund.
In particular, in the event of downgrading, the airline is required to reimburse the passenger within seven days:

  • 30% of the ticket price for all routes less than 1500 km
  • 50% of the ticket price for all routes between 1500 and 3500 km
  • 75% of the ticket price for all routes over 3500 km

All passengers “victims” of downgrading therefore have a solid and indisputable regulatory basis on which we can base their claims for compensation.

Obligation to assist disabled passengers or passengers with a reduced mobility

The obligation to provide protection also includes the obligations for assistance to passengers with a disability or reduced mobility.
The rules to be observed for air transport of this category are in EU Regulation 1107/2006 of 5 July 2006, which, in order to ensure that people with disabilities or reduced mobility can have access to air transport like all other passengers, preliminarily provides that airlines cannot refuse to accept a reservation, nor deny boarding to a disabled person in possession of a regular ticket.
In these cases, the assistance measures to allow passengers with disabilities to take their flight consist of a series of activities aimed at facilitating the passenger in all phases: from the check-in, a possible delivery of luggage and boarding the aircraft to the disembarkation and return of baggage.

In detail, in these cases the airline is required to guarantee passengers:

  • transport of mobility devices, including wheelchairs
  • transport of recognized assistance dogs in the cabin
  • every reasonable effort will be made to assign seats on request, considering the needs of individuals with disabilities or reduced mobility
  • assistance to people so that they can reach the toilet facilities
  • when a person with a disability or reduced mobility is assisted by an accompanying person, the air carrier will make every reasonable effort to give that person a seat next to the person with a disability or reduced mobility.

If you have not received the assistance required or appropriate to your needs, or you have encountered problems in booking or purchasing a flight, the airline is subject to administrative fines and the passenger is entitled to be compensated for the damage suffered due to such disservices.

Passenger impediments

To allow the airline to carry out the transport, the passenger must arrive at the boarding point in time.
However, it is possible that this does not happen for reasons not attributable to the passenger.
Generally speaking of “cause not attributable to the passenger”, air transport regulation does not identify precisely the hypotheses of legitimate impediment of the passenger, but it is good to clarify that it must be the appearance of serious health problems of the passenger or his relatives (family members) who were to travel with him.
In these cases of impediment the termination of the contract can be obtained with the consequent obligation of the airline to reimburse the price that was paid for the ticket.
Lastly, the right to reimbursement of the ticket was recognized even when the passenger lost the connection due to the delay or cancellation of the previous flight.
This protection, automatically provided when the flights are included in the same booking, has been extended by the jurisprudence also to the cases in which the flights, purchased in coincidence, are operated by different companies.
The passenger can therefore request a refund of the ticket when boarding on the second flight was prevented by the delay or cancellation of the first flight.

Have you suffered a downgrade? Did the airline deny you special assistance? Have you been unable to board the flight that you booked?

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