Keep your travel documents (ticket, booking and boarding passes) and contact us immediately. We will immediately initiate a free refund procedure.
Our service does not request any registration. Anyone filling in the forms on the site or sending an email to info@rimborsovoli.it can request assistance without any obligation.
Our service is completely free for the passenger. We never present claims against the user, as our costs are solely borne by the airline.
We are not an intermediary agency that delegates the legal services that it offers to third parties. We are a team of lawyers specialized in air transport law and each of us personally follows the reimbursement procedure of which he/she is the assignee and responsible.
No. Our service is always free and the user will receive the full amount without any deduction.
The passenger will receive a bank transfer from the airline or from rimborsovoli.it, without any deduction or commission.
In these cases, the airlines are exempt from the indemnity obligation. However, the passenger is entitled to a refund of the ticket if he does not use the transport and to ground handling in the event of a postponement of the flight.
The duration of the procedure depends on the airline’s reaction to our complaint. In the event of a positive response from the carrier, the payment to the passenger will take place in a few weeks. If not, we will have to start legal proceedings and the procedure can take a few months. In any case, we will inform you about the outcome of our complaint and the status of the procedure.

No. The passenger will not pay any fees to rimborsovoli.it or to the lawyers who followed the procedure.


We will immediately check if you are entitled to a refund

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