Overbooking is a very serious inconvenience totally borne by the airlines. The passenger is guaranteed maximum protection both with alternative flights and with various types of compensation. By sending us the tickets and all receipts relating to the episode, we can guarantee you full and fast refunds.

What is overbooking?

It often happens that airlines accept reservations for a greater number of seats than the aircraft capacity and thus cause overbooking. In this situation, despite having regularly booked and purchased the flight, some passengers are denied boarding for lack of available seats.
For those who are victims of this case (also called denied boarding), which is exclusively attributable to the airline, European legislation provides for a series of protections.

Reimbursement for overbooking is always due

In case of overbooking, non-consenting passengers are always entitled to the European cash compensation, which also in this case varies from 250 to 600 euros depending on the length of the route in kilometers:
– 250 euros for routes less than 1,500 km;
– 400 euros for routes between 1,500 and 3,500 km;
– 600 euros for routes over 3,500 km.
Furthermore, if the passenger is not promptly rebooked on an alternative flight, the airline is required to refund the full ticket price within seven days.

We can act to get you all the sums due for denied boarding

Keep your travel document (e-ticket or booking confirmation email) and all boarding passes issued, that’s all you need to allow us to start a free refund procedure.
Rimborsovoli.it, thanks to its team of professionals, will be able to obtain compensation for you for damages due by the airline that denied you boarding due to overbooking.
Also in this case, the costs of our intervention, supported by the Passenger Rights Charter, are the exclusive responsibility of the defaulting airline.

Request your refund

If you want to claim the compensation required by law or ask for information on our procedure, fill out the form below without obligation, we will promptly reply to your request, offering you a service at no cost.

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