Problems with luggage

There are many types of problems in handling checked baggage: it can be delayed, lost or damaged. In any case, airlines are obliged to remedy or compensate, but it is important to know your rights

Delayed baggage

Upon arrival at the destination, the carrier must deliver the baggage that was checked before departure to the passenger. However, irregularities may occur in the delivery of baggage, which is often returned to the passenger a few days late; passengers who suffer this inconvenience have the right to be adequately compensated by the airline.
The compensation procedure requires some preliminary steps:

  • Go to the Lost and Found Airport Office and fill in the omitted delivery report (P.I.R. – Property Irregularity Report)
  • Keep a copy of the report together with the baggage identification tag and your boarding pass
  • Keep the receipts of expenses made for basic purchases
  • Within 21 days from when the baggage has been made available, a written refund request must be sent to the company.

Lost baggage

The baggage is considered lost when it is not returned to the passenger within 21 days of the omitted delivery report (called P.I.R. – Property Irregularity Report), presented at the Lost and Found Office of the airport.
In this case, the passenger has the right not only to obtain the reimbursement of the purchases of basic necessities made to compensate for the lack of personal belongings, but also to get a compensation for damages corresponding to the value of the lost baggage and the goods contained therein up to a maximum of about 1250 €. To start the compensation procedure, however, the passenger must keep the air ticket and the PIR presented at the airport.

Damaged and destroyed baggage

If during the course of air transport the checked baggage (delivered upon check-in) is damaged or destroyed, the airline must compensate the passenger. This is what is established by international regulations and the Italian navigation code.
To start the compensation procedure, however, it is necessary that the passenger ascertains the damage before leaving the baggage reclaim area and he/she must open a damage report, by completing the appropriate forms (Property Irregularity Report) at the Lost and Found Office of the arrival airport.

The following documentation is required for the compensation procedure:

  • Air ticket or flight booking
  • Copy of the Pir released at the airport
  • Baggage identification tag
  • Photographs of the damaged baggage or contents

The airline must receive the complaint within seven days of the delivery and will respond for damages within the same limits as for delayed or lost baggage, i.e. to a maximum of € 1250.00 and this also when the baggage has been damaged by ground handling operators or other auxiliaries.

The airline is always responsible for damaged, delayed or lost baggage.

The delivery of baggage implies entrusting it to the carrier, who takes care of it until the passenger picks it up at his/her destination. Therefore, in case of late delivery, loss or damage, the airline is always required to compensate the passenger.

In the event of problems with baggage,, thanks to its team of professionals, will be able to obtain compensation for all damages due by the airline at no cost for you.

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