Flight delay

Reimbursement or compensation in the event of flight delay is protected by international law, but obtaining it is not always easy due to often cumbersome procedures. We will deal with each airline and, thanks to our experience, you will get what you deserve quickly and without costs.

When does a flight delay entitle you to compensation?

A flight delay can be compensated when the passenger arrives at his destination at least three hours after the arrival time foreseen on the ticket.
In this case, for flights departing from an airport located in a member state of the European Union, or departing from an airport in a non-European country but operated by a European carrier, a flat-rate refund of at least 250 euros is provided.

European monetary compensation

In 2009 the European Court of Justice, with the Sturgeon ruling (confirmed by subsequent rulings), substantially equated the flight delay with the cancellation of the flight, recognizing the monetary compensation for passengers victims of a delay of arrival of not less than 3 hours.
Also in this case the amount due by the airlines is commensurate with the mileage of the route:

  • 250 € for routes less than 1,500 km;
  • 400 € for routes between 1,500 and 3,500 km;
  • 600 € for routes over 3,500 km.

However, this compensation is excluded in the presence of certain circumstances, such as strikes, bad weather or bird strikes, which can therefore be considered exculpatory for the carrier.

We work to get you a refund for the flight delay that you have suffered

Thanks to a specialized team of professionals, rimborsovoli.it offers passengers who are victims of a flight delay free legal assistance to ascertain the causes of the delay and obtain the amount due as compensation from the airlines.
Our intervention, supported by the Passenger Rights Charter, is completely free for the user: Rimborsovoli.it only claims money from the defaulting airlines.

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