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Time is money.
The cancellation of a flight is a serious breach for which you should not hesitate to ask the Company for the right financial compensation.

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We are at your disposal, without costs or commissions.
You may be entitled to up to 600 euros for a flight delay.

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Your suitcase and your personal items must be respected.
If you suffer damage or inconvenience, you can request a reimbursement of the expenses and a compensation up to 1150 euros.

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You will always have at your disposal a tool to quickly request from your mobile phone the necessary assistance in difficult situations of air transport.

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rimborsovoli.it is totally free

No costs and no commissions, rimborsovoli.it offers advice and legal assistance to passengers who are victims of air transport problems. You will be able to obtain the reimbursements and indemnities which the airlines owe you in a simple and timely manner, even those that you may not yet know!
And remember: we are the only ones who do not retain any percentages on the reimbursements!
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Did cancellations, overbooking, flight delays, missed connections or baggage glitches compromise your trip? We can legally assist you and we guarantee a free service.

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rimborsovoli.it - assistenza legale gratuita ai passeggeri

We will get your flight refunded as soon as possible.

rimborsovoli.it - assistenza legale gratuita ai passeggeri
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You do not pay anything and we do not retain any refund percentages.

rimborsovoli.it - assistenza legale gratuita ai passeggeri

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rimborsovoli.it - assistenza legale gratuita ai passeggeri
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Airline companies

All airlines, small or large, are poorly cooperative when they have to reimburse a passenger. In order to obtain due protection, it is therefore essential to deal with them effectively. And this is the task that Rimborsovoli.it carries out.