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The APP is dedicated to those who – for work, study, tourism or other reasons – travel by plane and want to always have with them a useful tool to request, simply and immediately, via their smartphone or tablet, the necessary assistance in possible situations of air transport inconveniences. Our job is to get you compensation from the airlines and we do this through a free service that is always at hand.
Consumers certainly cannot be aware of all the procedures necessary to request and obtain the reimbursements envisaged, especially by the EU Regulation n.261 / 2004. For these reasons, it is essential to be assisted by a qualified and timely service. The maximum satisfaction of all passengers assisted by us is the primary objective of the team. The professionalism, transparency and passion that we put into our work is testified by the opinions published on social media, on Trustpilot, the most important international online community of certified reviews, and on the web in general.
A 100% free legal service

The strengths of are the speed, correctness and simplicity of access to our services, to which must be added the 100% guaranteed gratuity. The passenger, in fact, does not incur costs for our work, nor do we retain amounts of the reimbursement due to him/her. We claim our fee only on the airlines. The effectiveness of the intervention is ensured by the experience of professionals who assist and represent passengers in the reimbursement procedure, even in the event of litigation. Founded in 2005, was among the first online companies in Italy to provide this service on an ongoing, organized and free basis. otterà per te il rimborso dei danni dovuti dalla compagnia aerea