Rimborsovoli.it is always in defense of those who fly, but we believe that the realization of our mission involves an informed and aware choice of our services.

We therefore wish that passengers interested in facing airlines in the event of inconveniences (such as flight cancellation, flight delays, missed connections, problems with luggage, or more) know the terms of use of our platform, aimed at offering a punctual and transparent service.

Therefore we invite you to carefully read the following indications, prepared in a clear and concise way, on the conditions and methods of our assistance. Your rights fly with us!

General information

The legal services provided by rimborsovoli.it are aimed at all air transport users (passengers traveling for any reason or purpose) who experienced inconveniences caused by an airline and / or occasioned by events of any nature related to air traffic. The rimborsovoli.it team, dedicated to defending the passengers’ rights, is responsible for making requests for reimbursement, indemnification and compensation from the airlines in all cases in which carriers are required to pay cash compensation for the disservices caused. The lawyers of rimborsovoli.it will take care not only of the out-of-court complaint phase but also of the possible legal action, if necessary to fully satisfy the legitimate claims of the passengers. In fact, the pecuniary compensation, introduced by European Regulation 261/04 for cases of flight cancellation, flight delay and denied boarding, is not always the only applicable protection and the rimborsovoli.it professionals will evaluate and examine all the applicable compensation hypotheses for the case submitted by the passenger.

Preliminary phase

When the passenger or user interested in our services requests our assistance by filling out the forms on the site or by writing an email to info@rimborsovoli.it, he/she receives adequate privacy information and expresses his/her consent to the processing of the personal data which he/she provides.

This request for assistance does not constitute a binding offer for the conclusion of a representation contract, and the customer, until the signing of the mandate, is free to decide not to use our assistance, renouncing the services offered by our portal.

The staff of rimborsovoli.it, which takes care of requesting the application of the passengers’ rights and claiming the compensation protections provided, including the payment of the pecuniary compensation pursuant to EU Reg. 261/04 to be paid by the airlines, will evaluate, subject to accepting the assignment, the request for intervention received and they will provide timely feedback.

Conclusion of the contract

After having received the passenger’s documentation necessary to instruct the practice and verified the existence of the conditions for submitting a complaint to the airline, rimborsovoli.it through its lawyers will confirm the willingness to accept the assignment by the passenger concerned, proposing him/her the signing of a mandate.

With the assignment of the task aimed at submitting a claim for compensation to the airline, the passenger confirms his/her willingness to receive legal assistance from the lawyers of rimborsovoli.it, who will be authorized to represent the client at all stages of the complaint proceedings, including judicial proceedings.

Terms and conditions

From the moment the user of rimborsovoli.it signs and sends the mandate to the lawyer designated by this passenger assistance portal, he/she expressly accepts the following Terms and Conditions:

Obligations of the parties

  1. Rimborsovoli.it through designated lawyers is authorized to represent the customer in all phases of the complaint procedure, with reference to both the out-of-court phase and any judicial phase, and to initiate in the interest of the passenger any type of action against the airline or other counterparty aimed at obtaining the expected compensation and legal fees for the performed activity.
  2. In carrying out the assignment received, the lawyers of rimborsovoli.it act in the exclusive interest of the passenger and in full compliance with the principles of loyalty, transparency and professionalism.
  3. The Customer guarantees that he has not entrusted to third parties any assignment aimed at obtaining reimbursements, indemnities or compensation for the same flight inconvenience subjected to rimborsovoli.it and that no legal dispute concerning the same claim is already pending.
  4. The Customer cannot engage third parties for the same complaint entrusted to rimborsovoli.it and commits to not independently contact the airline to request the refunds that are the subject of the assignment given to rimborsovoli.it.
  5. In the event that he/she receives from the airline or third party intermediaries the crediting of sums or communications concerning the refund object of the complaint, the customer must immediately inform the staff of rimborsovoli.it to allow the lawyers in charge to suspend or interrupt without charges the legal action taken.
  6. Rimborsovoli.it undertakes to inform the passenger of the outcome of the legal procedure.

Free service

  1. Rimborsovoli.it and the designated lawyers undertake not to request, let alone demand from the customer any expense or compensation for the performance of the assignment received, with reference to both the extrajudicial phase and the possible judicial phase.
  2. Rimborsovoli.it guarantees that the costs and legal fees for its intervention are the exclusive responsibility of the airline or other counterparty and in no case borne by the customer, who will not bear any expense even if the outcome of the procedure should not be favorable.
  3. This exemption also applies in the remote hypothesis of a loss in court with reference to the expenses possibly due to the counterparty, which rimborsovoli.it will pay.
  4. The customer agrees that the counterparty will pay directly to rimborsovoli.it the legal fees that may be recognized for its actions regarding the claim or during the lawsuit.

Duration of the contract

  1. The contract between the parties and the relative representation mandate will be valid and effective until the customer has obtained the reimbursement and / or compensation (total or partial) due, or a condition of irrecoverableness of the claimed sums has emerged, such as for example an exceptional event that exempts the company from paying the pecuniary compensation.
  2. In the event of revocation of the mandate, to be sent by written communication, the customer undertakes to pay the legal fees for the activity carried out by the appointed lawyer if the latter has already started the complaint procedure against the airline or other counterparty.

Payment to the passenger

  1. In case of a positive outcome of the practice, the payment of the sums due to the customer by way of reimbursement of the ticket, pecuniary compensation or compensation for damage will be made by bank transfer by the airline or directly by the lawyers of rimborsovoli.it, without any deduction or commission.