Lack of ground handling

If a passenger with a canceled flight, long delay or denied boarding, is forced to stay at the airport for a long time, he/she is entitled to receive many services paid by the airline. If this does not happen, the passenger can get compensation and refunds.

Assistance obligation also provided when the airline is not responsible for the flight cancellation or delay

The obligation to offer assistance is provided both when the airline is directly responsible for the flight cancellation or delay and when the delay or cancellation of the flight is due to exceptional events not attributable to the carrier, such as a strike or bad weather.

The occurrence of these exceptional circumstances exempts the carrier from the obligation to pay cash compensation but does not release it from the obligation to assist passengers and to offer them, in case of cancellation, an alternative flight as soon as possible or at a later date that is more convenient for the passenger.

Obviously, this obligation of assistance is also provided in case of denied boarding, i.e. when the carrier, for overbooking or for any other reason, refuses to transport the passenger in possession of a regular reservation, transferring him/her to a subsequent flight.

Services due by the carrier and compensation for the passenger

The ground handling guaranteed to the passenger who is forced by flight problems to a long stay at the airport, includes many services:

  • meals and drinks in fair relation to the waiting period
  • hotel accommodation
  • transportation between the airport and the place of accommodation

If the carrier fails to comply with this protection obligation, the passenger is entitled to compensation for the damages generated by the non-fulfillment and above all he/she can obtain the reimbursement of the costs of food and lodging incurred to face this uncomfortable situation. is the only site that offers free legal protection to the passenger left at the airport without the assistance provided. Also in this case, we guarantee our user the possibility to obtain the compensation due, claiming, also our expenses, exclusively on the airline.

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