Missed connection

We speak of a missed connection if the passenger misses the second flight due to the delay or cancellation of the first flight included in the same booking. There are many forms of protection guaranteed that concern flights and ground services.

A missed connection gives right to compensation

The European Court of Justice has extended the passengers’ rights for flight delay and flight cancellation to missed connections. Also in this case there is the European cash compensation, which varies from 250 to 600 euros depending on the mileage of the entire route, if the passenger reaches the final destination with a delay of at least three hours later than the arrival time foreseen on the ticket.

Alternative passenger flight and ground assistance

The European compensation is excluded when the missed connection was caused by exceptional and unpredictable events (such as bad weather, strikes or bird strikes) which have impeded the regular execution of the transport or when the flights are operated by non-European carriers departing from airports in non-EU countries. In any case, when the passenger suffers an inconvenience related to the loss of a connecting flight, he/she is always entitled to these protection measures:

  • Boarding on an alternative flight to the final destination, in comparable transport conditions, as soon as possible
  • Boarding on a return flight to the original departure point as soon as possible and reimbursement within seven days of the full ticket price, at the same price at which it was purchased;
  • Meals and drinks in fair relation to the waiting period;
  • Hotel accommodation: if one or more overnight stays are required, or an extra stay in addition to what was planned by the passenger;
  • Transportation between the airport and the place of accommodation (hotel or other).

For the delay on arrival in case of connections, we can get the right compensation

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